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Update: Week 7 and Warrior Dash
December 9, 2011, 5:46 pm
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Wow. Wow wow wow! Well, my week 7 was a disrupted quite a bit, so I spread it over two. I was kitty/house-sitting for a week and when I DID remember my shoes, my schedule still turned into a hectic mess. I still got out and did my jogs, but my gps also took a while to register where I was, so two of week 7’s jogs didn’t get recorded correctly on Cardio Trainer and the OTHER day of the week, I did THE WARRIOR DASH!!! (I’ll come back to that in a minute.) Also, I had left my shoes somewhere and wasn’t able to get in my run properly until this morning (thank gawd, finally!). I had tried my back-up shoes after taping my feet up but STILL managed to get blisters after a mile and a half run. Screw that. I’d rather go a day or two without my run than screw up my feet (not to mention, my knees feel funny with those shoes…)

So I finally got to throw my shoes on and get out there this morning. Ahhhh. I could tell that my body forgot what running was for the first 2 minutes, but then I got into the groove and got going. It was difficult, but when I was about done running (about 25 minutes), it had started a light rain/moderate drizzle… and it felt so good that I continued my jog the remainder of the way home – 5 minutes or so. I was able to get in a 2.34 mile run today at a time of 30:23 – a pace of about 13 minutes. That’s fine, it was crazy humid out, so I’m not surprised. In fact, that’s a big improvement over my 14:30 pace from a couple weeks ago, thankyouverymuch! On to Week 8 on Monday!

Now, the Warrior Dash. Ah, it was totally awesome. TOTALLY awesome! Seriously, there were obstacles that were harder than I thought (uh, er, 20′ walls to be climbed up and over?) but I did them all and really did feel like a warrior when I was done. I’ve never really had the can-do attitude when it came to physical exertion/fitness and although this might not have been the hardest obstacle course in the world, it was still more of a challenge than I’VE ever faced. I ended up getting wet and muddy and had a complete blast. Can’t wait ’til next year!!!

I just found out about Tough Mudder this morning (holy crap!)… I guess I know what my new training goals are for now… WOOOOO!!!


Dealing with Low Energy/Interest
November 25, 2011, 1:04 pm
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Blech. It is the day after Thanksgiving and although I didn’t need to be rolled out the door, I certainly ate my fill yesterday.

I woke up this morning to the surprise of my monthly visitor, cramps, bloating and all and a stomach that was not the quickest on digestion apparently. Needless to say, I am NOT excited in working out today, BUT… if I has high energy every single time I went to kick my butt, that would be too easy. I’ve just got to remind myself that this is worth FIGHTING for!!!

I will squash that voice in my head that keeps coaching me to drag my feet and I will get into gear! I’ve got the Warrior Dash coming up in ONE WEEK! WOOOOOO!!!! ONE WEEEEEK!!! I’ve got to work hard for myself, my current and future health.

Answer me this: What do YOU do when you’re feeling disinterested in exercise? How do you beat the blues?

Week 6 Day 1
November 24, 2011, 10:09 am
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Wow. I can’t believe that I’ve come this far! I’m usually the kind of person that starts something and hangs on to it for two-three weeks until the “new” wears off. This plan definitely helps me with the staying power though, because I get this awesome “high” that you can only get from exercise, and it lasts me for the majority of the remainder of the day (and I exercise first thing in the morning!)

Today is my weigh-in day and honestly… my weight loss seems to have plateaued again. I have been losing and gaining the same 1-2 lbs for the past two weeks now, I believe. BUT, I can definitely see an increase in muscle, change in my shape and I’ve noticed a big change in my stamina and energy, so I will just ignore the numbers and focus on the positive. It’s hard to disregard the scale when you’ve grown up in such a number-oriented society when it comes to health, but screw that! I know how I feel and I know that I’m getting stronger and healthier and THAT is what matters in the long run.

So back to the topic of the hour – Couch to 5k’s running plan. I am really amazed with this plan! I was telling a friend about it and she was like “Jeez, I wish I could jog 20 minutes straight!” and I felt like an infomercial with the whole, “But you can! In only 5 (not-so) easy weeks!” I was echoing all of the c25k-ers from before me, “Just 6 weeks ago, I could barely jog one minute straight! I was just like you! This IS possible!” I can’t believe that, seriously, that WAS me 6 weeks ago! In fact, six weeks ago TODAY… I went out and couldn’t wait for ONE MINUTE to be over. Now, one minute is like a stepping stone that you jump on to get to the other side of the stream, it’s nothing.

This morning, I decided that since I was able to jog 22 minutes straight a few days ago, I could change to distance instead of time. I have give or take (or give) about a 14:00 pace. Well, let’s be honest here, it’s more of a 14:30 pace, I do believe. Anyways, I did distance (and, including warm-up walking) did 2.6 miles total. It took me over 37 minutes. Yeah, I’m a turtle, but I’m lapping everyone on the couch!!!

Keep up the hard work! You deserve the great results and improved health!

November 21, 2011, 4:35 pm
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So this morning I went out to conquer the almighty first 20-minute jog/run (W5D3). And although I had many distractions (only one headphone working, shorts CONSTANTLY riding up, insanely high humidity causing beads of sweat to run into my eyes, etc) I made it through! I actually did it! I can jog WITHOUT ONE SECOND’S WORTH OF STOPPING for TWENTY MINUTES!!! In fact… at 20 minutes, I was nearing the area I had to cross 4 lanes of traffic (SO thankful for medians) so I just kept jogging. After I got through that, I figured I’d start walking at the closest lightpole, which wasn’t too far. Well, after checking the time, I had a few seconds left until 22 minutes, so why not? And here I am now. I know for a fact that although I may not have the fastest speed, I sure am building up my stamina!

Of course I wanted to quit a few minutes in, and a few minutes after that and every minute. But I shut those thoughts up and just kept my legs pumping. The first time I checked the time was 10+ minutes into jogging and I thought “Jeez, I’m only halfway through?!” Pfft. I stopped dwelling on that, because I have to be my own cheerleader!

My legs felt strange after that long jog, not weak/wobbly, just different. After a minute of walking, I realized it was taking me too long to get home, so I jogged another minute to get me closer.

I am just so incredibly proud of myself. Now I just need to keep going forward!

Onward and upward runners! ❤

Week 5 Day 2 – WOW!
November 19, 2011, 12:44 pm
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Week 5 has got to be my favorite week so far. This is the week for some serious progress AND to prove yourself that you CAN do it, not to mention constant confidence-boosting! I can proudly say that I can jog over 8 minutes straight, and on Monday I will be able to celebrate that I can jog 20 minutes straight. I am SO ready for the challenge!

It’s so exciting and surprising to see just how quickly my body learns and adapts and conditions to the demands I put on it. The human body really is an amazing thing. 🙂

My weightloss still hasn’t moved too much – I’ve lost a total of 6 lbs, but the scale only tells me that when my digestive system is completely empty. I have lost a total of 1.5″ from my chest (right under my bust), 2″ around my waist (over my bellybutton) and 1.5″ around my hips. I’ve got more belly to lose, and it’s just a matter of time.

On another note, I did 50 seconds per exercise of my cross-training yesterday. Tomorrow, I will be doing 53 seconds each. I am thinking when I get to 60 seconds, I will move back down to 30, but do three rounds instead of 2. Hmm… I will ask a friend about that, she’s been a personal trainer for a while now. And, yesterday, I did… EIGHTEEN push-ups in that first 50 seconds. Wow. When I started, I could only do about… 3 at a time, and certainly no more than 10 during 50 seconds. The second round, I could only do 10, but I am certainly making progress. Ah, I am so excited for myself and my future of health. 😀

Keep making healthy decisions! ❤ Continue reading

Week 4 Day 3
November 14, 2011, 10:34 am
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So… I didn’t get my cross-training in yesterday, I will either be doing it tomorrow or Wednesday… we shall see. I think my body was pouting because of it – I was NOT interested in getting out there today. But I did, and I accomplished the last day of week 4! I’ve been doing this for long enough to have it be part of my routine, therefore, a habit.

About halfway through, my body finally got into sync and decided to work with me, but my brain was still grumpy. One thing I’ve learned today: it sucks when there’s no music to distract you! You better believe I will be donning my headphones on week 5. I finally kicked out the negative thoughts and pushed through, even if I was counting down the minutes of my last 5-minute jog, haha. When I was a few streets down from home and doing my walk, the house seemed so far and all I wanted to was to be able to breathe without the crazy high humidity… so I decided to sprint down one street to test myself and shorten the time. I did it. I actually sprinted the entire way. And I didn’t collapse on the pavement when I was done. It took me about 53 seconds and during the entire time my brain, remembering times past, kept telling me “you can’t, you can’t, you can’t”… but I did, did, DID! I honestly don’t believe that I was ever able to run at full-speed like that for almost a minute. I am beaming with pride of my body’s accomplishments, believe me!

Sooo… the infamous Week Five is starting on Thursday for me. Check it out here if you’re not familiar: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml. I am filled with “you can’t”s, BUT… I’ve surpassed my own expectations time and time again, so why would this time be any different. Realistically speaking, I have no doubt that I’ll be good to go. It looks daunting, but I will be just fine.

On a related note, since doing my cross-training… my arm muscles are developing! 🙂 My shoulder muscles and triceps and growing, ever-so-slightly. Haha. But I’d say that’s pretty awesome considering that I still have a good bit of fluff hanging around on my arms. I was flexing in the mirror yesterday and noticed that if I just stood there and tensed up (well, flexed without looking like I’m trying to be a body-builder) I could see my muscles. It had to look for them, but they are beginning to show. Baby steps. 🙂

As far as the rest of my body goes… my weight-loss has started moving again. It seems like I am potentially not eating enough, not taking in enough calories… because when I go on a little binge, I end up losing more weight than if I paid more attention to my intake. Hmm. I will be testing that theory!

My pants are fitting looser around my waist, but I certainly can’t say I’m down a full size yet. Well, my pants are as snug (or more?) around my butt and thighs, but the waist area is better. I think my face is thinning out a little, but I’m not sure. OH! I noticed, when I was sitting yesterday, that my posture IS improving. I’ve been bummed about this and trying to change it for a while now, and I’m proud to say that I am seeing it happening without me thinking about it consciously!

Beyond that… I’m really out of thoughts for today. Thanks for reading and I hope your accomplishments are serving as stepping stones to your dreams!

Week 4 Day 2
November 12, 2011, 12:30 pm
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Life is good! I’m continuing my cross-training at home on 2 of the 4 non-running days. I feel that it’s really benefitting me.

When I first started, I could do about… oh… 3 push ups before I wanted to die. I did 17 yesterday (not without some small breaks, but still all in 45 seconds) and didn’t want to die. My arms were a bit weak, but the rest of me was still going strong. I’ve upped my time per exercise to 45 seconds and I do two rounds. It’s 10 exercises, but sometimes I do one two or three times. I certainly get a really good sweat out of it. I convinced myself to do another round yesterday afternoon, and I think it was the icing on the cake. I woke up sore, but not stiff this morning, and ready to go.

So this morning, when I was out jogging, it felt like something was different in me. Something just “clicked”. Despite my earphones not playing nicely (bad connection, apparently, need new ones!) I was able to pick up my pace quite a bit, and my endurance has gotten even better. I just can’t believe that I’ve come this far! I can now jog for at least 5 1/2 minutes without stopping (or dying) and after that, I still feel like I could continue, although it wouldn’t be the best feeling in the world.

I’m just incredibly proud of myself, and I finally legitimately feel like I am a jogger. I can run, too, but that happens in spurts. Haha.

My motivation was waning a little there for a half of a week, but I just pushed through and here I am, going strong again. WOOHOO!!!